Princesses and brave knights

  • Price: 100 €
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Max participants 10

The girls will fashion crowns out of cardboard and decorate them and the boys will make shields and helmets. They will put on real costumes and get their faces painted with face paint and then the games at the court can begin.

The participants in the knight and princess tournament will jump around and chase adversaries from the field; in the fights on horseback, we will ride our steeds on our soft pillows, of course. The knights will guard the yoghurt cup fort with their shields while the others try to knock it down with soft balls. We certainly won’t be bored.

Once we get hungry, we will attack a real royal feast and top it off with a cake fit for a king. The children can take their creations home after the party.

Note for children with allergies *: Body and face painting using Face painting colors.



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