Mala ulica: space for many things

This is a great place for mothers who want to actively spend their time with their babies, future moms who want to be well-prepared for their role, and toddlers and kids who can play and socialize with their peers.

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Price list

  • One-time entrance a child with an adult 2 €
  • Family ticket siblings with an adult 4 €
  • Annual pass 40 €
  • Family annual pass 60 €

We can only accept cash payment at this time.

The team

We have a team of skilled associates and animators dedicated to creating quality content and always eager to hear your suggestions and wishes.

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    Eva Strmljan KreslinMala ulica Director

    I am an economist, I have a Master’s in Business Science, I am a mediator, and a mother of three. When I was out of ideas on where to go and what to do on long rainy weekends so that all three of them would be amused, the idea arose on a family center like Mala ulica: a friendly and comfortable space for mothers and all pre-school-aged children. I think that I managed to successfully realize the idea together with my committed and enthusiastic team and ample support from the City Municipality of Ljubljana.
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    Katja PozničAnimator

    After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, I continued my studies at the Faculty of Education, where I gained knowledge on the education of children and adults. Artistic expression and creating together with children has been a part of my life since my teenage years. Their joy gives me fresh ideas and the drive for new and different projects. Talking to the parents opens new horizons of thought for me, while the staff makes the dreams of expanding the Mala ulica program a reality.
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    Duši KumerAnimator

    I am a teacher by profession. I am interested in things that are different, unconventional; that is why I am especially drawn to those children in Mala ulica who differ from the average. I really enjoy looking after the children in holiday daycare, where I can get to know them better during that week. I like being in their company, because it helps me to bring out my own inner child. Currently, I am challenging myself by hosting groups of parents for the Incredible Years project
  • MalaUlica 750x750 0018 about manca

    Manca KalimanAnimator

    I studied social studies and received the Prešeren Award for Students for my thesis The body as a medium of communication and distress control of the youth. I spent many years honing my abilities and experience in psychosocial help for children and youth in emotional distress and in support to their families. My colleague and I currently host groups for parents as part of the Incredible Years license project – I am also no stranger to creative and movement workshops.
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    Anja ZidarnSecretary

    My profession is Bachelor of Economics, my responsibilities include, but are not limited to, performing and coordinating a variety of administrative duties and tasks. Since I can remember, I adore little kids and being in their company, seeing them smiling, keeps me motivated for doing my work perfectly. On the weekdays I work in Mala ulica, but on free days on weekends I bring my son with me. He enjoys my "job" very much.


Mala ulica house rules

Mala ulica is designed so that families feel comfortable here. We pride ourselves in providing quality services, ensuring hygiene standards, and placing special emphasis on the safety of the visitors.


Once the space capacities have been met, the doors of Mala ulica are locked so that we can provide a quality service. Booking entrance in advance is not possible. Please give notice in advance for groups of 8 or more children. Children may enter Mala ulica only if they are accompanied by an adult (over 18 years old) who is responsible for them for the entire duration of the visit to Mala ulica.


Here at Mala ulica, we strive to prevent the spread of disease through regular cleanings and ensuring the health standards. Children who are not feeling well and are sick should refrain from visiting Mala ulica at that time. If you find out your child has an infectious disease (e.g. chickenpox, measles, etc.) after having visited Mala ulica, please inform us about this immediately.


We want to keep the spaces as clean as possible and to protect the visitors, especially children playing on the floor, so we recommend everyone wears slippers inside Mala ulica. You can bring your own (and your child’s); some slippers are available at the reception.


There is a specially designated area in front of the main entrance for parking strollers. Motor vehicles can be parked on the outer public parking lot on Dalmatinova Street or in one of the parking garages (Trdinova, Kozolec, or Kongresni trg). The family center is accessible to movement-impaired children and adults; the entrance for people in wheelchairs can be reached from the park.

Identity card

Mala ulica Family Center operates as a public institute under the City Municipality of Ljubljana.

Name: Mala ulica Public Institute – Center for children and families in Ljubljana
Address: Prečna 7, 1000 Ljubljana
Phone: 01 306 27 00
Identification no.: 6636454000
ID for VAT: SI38302586
Sub-account: SI56 0126 1600 0002 610"

Mala ulica Public Institute Council
President of the council: Iztok Kordiš (predstavnik MOL)
Vice president of the council: Jožica Pantar (representative of the Aktiva principals’ group in Ljubljana)

Maja Gojkovič (MOL Ljubljana representative)
Ksenija Sever (MOL Ljubljana representative)
Manca Kaliman (representative of the staff)

Director of the institute
Eva Strmljan Kreslin