Party with Pippi Longstocking

  • Price: 100 €
  • Duration: 2 hours

Pippi Longstocking with her colorful image and uniqueness is surely the most well-known, playful, and original children’s character. This makes her a popular character for birthday parties. During the two hours, we will create, party, and enjoy Pippi’s feast.

The girls can braid their hair, draw red cheeks, the boys can put on different colored socks; above all, it is time to get playful, goofy, and funny. We will make our own Alfonso the horse that the kids can take home with them and let’s not forget Mr. Nilsson the monkey.

We will play the circle of friendship game. Pippi also likes to play Elastic and twirl the hula hoop, she likes to jump around and play jump rope. We will be mischievous, like real Pippis.



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