Mini car race

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: Animation: 100 €
    Snak: 30 - 48 €

First, the children warm up and stretch at the party and learn about the rules of the road in a playful way. Then, let the race begin! The children compete in Yahtzee Evolution in who can drive their car to the garage safer and more quickly. The game is adjusted to kids of different ages (4 years on). After the competition, it’s time to get creative: painting and fashioning cars from different materials, and talking about the emotions (happiness, anger, fear, sadness, impatience, courage ...), that arose during the competition. The creative workshop is followed by a mini feast.

We will play games related to traffic, learn about the colors on the traffic light and the rules of the road

I would like a mini car race for my birthday

Send us your preferred time for the celebration along with your contact information and we will check the availability of the date for you.

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