• Animation price: 100 €
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price of feast - cupcakes, toasts and juice: 65 €

The girls want to be Pocahontas, the boys fierce Indians. We already know Indian games, even though we may not know they are really Indian games. Before that, we will make the teepee, the Indian tent, dress the part, paint our faces, make our plumes, learn a song, and play and play.

Dodgeball is the most well-known Indian game. Hitting rocks is another Indian game that determines the leader of the tribe. We will also play “ball in bucket”, “tripod”, and “potato battle”.

The little Indians will create their own plume, then we will erect the Indian tent. We will stand in front of a mirror and apply our Indian paint and put on our costumes.

This time, the feast will be Indian-inspired, perhaps we will even sit on the floor. There are sure to be a few Indian surprises.

Note for children with allergies *: Body and face painting using Face painting colors.



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