Fun Little Gym

  • Price (package of 4 visits): 24 €
  • Number of places: 6
  • Time session: Every Wednesday at 10:15 and 11:15
  • Instructor: Ines Zagoranski, Sports Teacher
  • Sign up:

The goal of this class is for parents to participate and guide their child through a variety of activities. We will discover what and how the body moves in a fun and relaxed atmosphere under the guidance of our experienced Sports Teacher. Activities include loco motor development, climbing, hanging, swinging, balance, hand and eye coordination, and bouncing.

What exactly will we be doing?

• climbing and crawling

• jumping

• picking up and carrying around

• throwing and aiming at a target

• overcoming obstacles

... and most of all we will have loads of fun.



  • 08. May Wednesday 10:15
  • 22. May Wednesday 10:15
  • 29. May Wednesday 10:15