• Price: included in the price of the ticket
  • Time slot: Friday 10.30 am
  • Led by: Andreja Breznik

Andreja Breznik, a mother of three, leads gatherings of mommies on maternity leave: we will gather around our caffé lattes and learn about sign language for babies and get so much advice on breastfeeding, diaper changing, lulling, and all the other important topics that we may not even need the sign language any more.

Sign language for children is a simple and natural way of communicating with a child before it is able to speak. It comprises of signs, simplified gestures and natural movements that represent certain words and simple meanings like “eat”, “milk”, or “more”. Sign language gives the baby a chance to express its experience of the world around it with the people closest to it and gives the parents the opportunity to understand the child’s needs better. The Baby Sings® sign language for babies was developed by Dr. Acredolo and Dr. Goodwyn, psychology professors at the Davis University in California."